Mental Health Services

This is potentially an exciting time for mental health services. With increased funding by Government and the newly established ICSs commitment to improving local equality and accessibility to treatment, we hope to see tangible improvements in mental health patient outcomes and associated costs.

IMC Healthcare Services is dedicated to being part of that improvement. We provide fully qualified, experienced mental health clinicians to work with the NHS, charities, local organisations, and local authorities to support and care for individuals experiencing mental health problems.

Our range of services are all tailored to individual needs, but frequently include; health promotion, assessment and diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and care. We offer, both; Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and Adult Mental Health Services across the whole of the UK.

Our guiding principles and values help shape the decisions we make around everything we do within the mental health sector. Service users suffering with mental health problems can expect, as a minimum, that our services will:

  • Involve the service users and their carers in planning and delivery of care
  • Deliver local, high-quality treatment and care
  • Provide equality for all, making services accessible so that help can be obtained when and where it is needed
  • Ensure continual patient safety and that of their carers and staff
  • Cultivate independence through our flexible care and treatment plans
  • Deliver tailored services to those who use them
  • Offer a fully integrated service that seeks to include and coordinate all local stakeholders
  • Provide continuity of care, building trust and consistency

Examples of our services

Young woman with ASC/PTSD/PD/Dyspraxia

Instructed by Local Authority.
  • Care began under CAMHS, then adult services.
  • Provided 2:1, 24/7 support in the client’s accommodation (2 carers day and night).
  • Continued support when the client was admitted into hospital (short or long term).
  • Duration: 15 months.

Young woman with ASC/EUPD/ADHD/HMS

Instructed by Local Authority.
  • Provided 1:1 support for the client at hospital and transition back to her home.
  • Escorted home visits during transition period.
  • Continued support at home on a 1:1 basis including escorting her to college.
  • Duration: 9 months.

Man with LD/ASC/Detained under Mental Health Act

Instructed by Local Authority.
  • Provided 1:1 support, 7 days a week, for the client at hospital.
  • When transitioned to a low secure service, support was increased to 3:1 24/7 (3 day and night staff).
  • Duration: 4 months.